Cape Cod Dental Health Center
Jefferson S. Dexter, D.M.D
Dr. Jefferson Dexter, D.M.D.
657 Route 28
W. Yarmouth, MA  02673
(508) 771-6122



What makes your dental office different?

At Dr. Jefferson Dexter’s, we have exceptional credentials and advanced technology, but that’s not what makes us different. We offer unrivaled customer service. We take the time to listen to our patients and thoroughly explain treatment options. Then, we work toward developing lasting relationships based on honest communication, trust, and integrity. Our entire team will do everything possible to ensure that your dental experience is rewarding on many different levels.

Does the dentist see emergency cases?

Yes. We will see emergency cases during regular business hours or after hours.  We do our best to be available when you need us.

Why are checkups recommended every six months, even for people with great oral health?

Early detection allows us to provide the most conservative treatment, which saves you time, expense, and possible discomfort. We also screen for oral cancer, a disease that will affect more than 30,000 Americans this year. Oral cancer is deadly, but early detection offers an 80-90% cure rate. Gum disease is another sneaky problem that we try to catch early. It has been linked to stroke, heart attack, osteoporosis, and other health risks, and it is the leading cause of tooth loss in American adults.

I avoid dental visits because of anxiety…is this normal? Can you help?

Many people fear dental visits because of negative past experiences or control issues.  We understand dental anxiety and offer a solution to help you overcome your stress.

What can you do to improve the appearance of my smile?

Well, we'd like to start by evaluating your oral health, existing smile, and discussing your idea of a spectacular smile. We will then work to achieve your perfect healthy smile.  

What are my options to replace missing teeth?

We offer bridgework, partials, full dentures, and implants and their restorations to replace missing teeth. Call for a consultation. With X-rays, intraoral photos, and a thorough assessment of your dentition, Dr. Dexter can help you decide which replacement option will be best for you.

Do you refer patients to specialists?

While we are trained and equipped to handle many dental issues in our office, when a specialist would better serve you, we'll refer. Some dental specialists are oral surgeons, periodontists (supporting structures), endodontists (internal tooth problems), orthodontists (for moving teeth), and pedodontists (for children). We refer to only trusted professionals with whom we have a good rapport.

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